F451 error when trying to change password for T-Mobile account

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F451 error when trying to change password for T-Mobile account

Given the all of the cyber attacks and data breaches lately, I tried to change my password a few weeks back only to be greeted with this very annoying F451 error. To anyone having this same issue, feel free to skip ahead to the TL:DR.
The first T-Mobile rep I chatted with had me try the typical troubleshooting steps such as clearing cache and cookies, reboots, etc. Nothing worked and I was eventually stuck with a temp password that I couldn't change because her last resort was to send me said temp password which forces the user to create a new one. Ideally this would have worked, but wouldn't you know it, F451! I was informed that there was an error in their back end and the issue would be resolved within the week.

Fast forward to a week later, still getting F451! I then got a hold of a different rep, thankfully skipping the frustrating typical troubleshooting steps for a second time, trying a few new things here and there, still no success. After about an hour of texting back and forth, a Supervisor stepped in and we finally found a solution...which is painfully simple, but specific...


On Android, clear cache and storage for the T-Mobile App, Force close the app afterwards for good measure, restart the phone. Be aware that you will not be able to log back into the app once the reboot is complete, this is intentional. On your android phone, open your favorite browser (mine was Firefox), attempt to login to T-Mobile's website, somewhere there should be a Forgot Password link, click it. I had my new,new,new temp password sent to me via TEXT, I then copied and pasted said temp password, the website then prompted me to change my password, and this time it worked! I was finally able to change my password! Pretty sad that this is the ONLY way to change your T-Mobile accounts password!

Quite ridiculous that T-Mobile's engineers overlooked this absolutely critical flaw! My only thought is that I did have the app set to recognize my face instead of having to type in my password every time I accessed the app. This may have had something to do with the F451 error when I attempted to change my password the first time on my PC and Android, however, I think the true error didn't surface until the password was forcefully changed by the T-Mobile rep. Kinda makes sense if the app is still accessing the account with the original password and you're trying to change the password via alternate means. Then again, maybe if I didn't have the app set to recognize my face instead of just typing in my password I would have been able to change my password normally in the first place?
Either way, no matter what random variable may have existed on my end, if you want to change your password, you should be able to no matter the circumstance. How about forcing a log out on all devices? Spotify does this, and it's very efficient at it. There's no reason why the App should take precedence over every other means of accessing YOUR account. It's the same account! Just let me change my password so I can be on my way. I just did this with over 200 different websites and services! Why is T-Mobile so special!?
Anyway, my rant's done, I hope my experience helps anyone else having this problem, and more so to T-Mobile in fixing this garbage of a problem. In spite of this problem, I still really do enjoy T-Mobile's service, and their staff of reps are actually very nice as well! Later dudes!
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